Owen & Shannon

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The curlers featured in our campaign, like Shannon and Owen, have all found something to cherish in this winter activity. They both have taken different paths on the way to discovering their mutual appreciation for this skilful and tactical game.

About Shannon: I am 39-years-old. I reside in London, Ontario, where I work full- time at a law firm in the role of document management. In 2001, I was involved in a car crash and now live as a paraplegic. I was an extremely active person before the crash. Today I remain active by playing with my dogs, going to the gym and curling. I started curling in 2010 - recreationally and competitively. I competed at the Wheelchair Curling Nationals in 2012 and 2017. I hope my team can win our way to compete at the Nationals again in the future.

About Owen: I am 17 years old and enjoy all kinds of sports, especially hockey, baseball, football and of course curling. I try to surround myself with as much of the sports I love by playing sledge hockey and curling, volunteering with several school sports teams, and billeting players from my local Ontario Hockey League team. I hope to continue my involvement with sports in the future by pursuing a career in the sports world while also maintaining an active lifestyle.

How did you get involved with wheelchair curling?

"I found out about wheelchair curling through some of my sledge hockey teammates. My local curling club was holding an event for beginners to come out and try the sport. I worked with the coaches to make the proper adaptations to ensure my inclusion and success" - Owen.

"I was approached by a person I knew who played wheelchair curling, who asked if I wanted to give the sport a try. I did not know anything about curling, but I was looking for a way to stay active during the winter, so I decided to give curling a try. Once I tried the sport, I loved it" - Shannon.

What do you enjoy the most about curling?

"I love a lot of things about wheelchair curling. I like that it is a social sport. I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people both locally and nationally. I enjoy that is a sport that can be played with people of all abilities so you are not limited to playing with only people in wheelchairs. It does not require a lot of expensive or complicated equipment to play" - Shannon.

"I enjoy the game of curling itself the most, as it calls for the perfect combination of strategy and skill. It is a great way for me to be active both physically and mentally" - Owen.

What advice would you give to those individuals who want to start curling?

"I would advise prospective curlers to come out and try curling with an open mind. There are a lot of components to curling, and everyone can find an aspect and role that will suit their ability" - Owen.

"I would encourage everyone in a wheelchair to try wheelchair curling. It is a good way to meet other people and stay active during the colder months" - Shannon.

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