One of the most social of team sports, put on some warm pants and a sweater and you’re ready to curl! Matches are played on sheets of ice at your local curling or community centre and involve 2 teams of 4 players. The objective is to slide the most stones (‘rocks’) into the “house” which is a target of concentric circles.

Many curling clubs and community centres have learn-to-play programs, so take advantage of these opportunities to take part in one of Canada’s most popular pastimes. You’ll find other beginners like yourself and forge new friendships as you learn together. Work on skills like balance, coordination and timing in an activity that almost always includes socializing after the event.


  • Team: curling is the ultimate in team sports in that every person’s action matters when on the ice. Working together towards a common goal makes sliding on the ice all the more fun!
  • Low Impact or Post-Injury: with the main movements being sliding and sweeping, curling is definitely a low-impact activity. Have no fear about participating as there is no running or kicking involved.

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