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NSTF Highlights

As a member of the Canadian Council of Provincial & Territorial Sport Federations (CCP&TSF), The Provincial Sport Organizations Council (operating as Ontario Sport Network) is pleased to be a partner of the National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF) initiative. This initiative will permit PSO/MSO's and their members to establish revenue generation programs for which a charitable tax receipt can be provided for qualifying donations.

The NSTF initiative has helped clubs all across our province, including the Hanlon Boat Club, create and improve facilities for our communities to enjoy.

The CCP&TSF, is recognized by the Canadian Revenue Agency - Charities Division under the other qualified donees category as a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletics Association (RCAAA). As a member of the CCP&TSF, Ontario Sport Network has been authorized to act as the Ontario Branch of the NSTF and to act as the provincial fund manager for all donations made to amateur sport in Ontario.Donations will be made to the National Sport Trust Fund - Ontario (NSTF-Ontario) and then directed to the individual organizations on a quarterly basis.

In order to participate in the NSTF-Ontario, Sport Organizations must adhere to specific guidelines and procedures. See attached.

Anyone seeking insight or clarification on various terminology (ie the term "advantage") can visit the following CRA site.

Accessing Funds

Funds are available anytime one applies for them.*

*this is only based on the most recent quarterly reports that have been run and distributed back to the stated project.

The funds available to you at any given time are those that have been reported to you through quarterly reports. As the FA - Fund Administrator you are required to keep track of your projects funds raised per quarter. Best practices suggest creating a spreadsheet to track quarterly funds raised, less funds requested through interim funds requests and or final grant report requests, so that you can see a running total at any given time for what's available to you. Quarterly reports are distributed within 15 days of any given quarter ending. If you don't receive a quarterly report from a given period you had ZERO funds raised in that timeframe. You will then receive a blanket email communicating such.

When requests for funds/even partial funds are made and NO receipts are available at that point in time, the group/project in question can still access funds but must report back within 3 months of the date they applied for funds with the accounting and receipts required as back-up.

You can request your funds using the Grant Request Form and Project Report Form. Project Forms must be signed by the PSO!

Publicly Traded Funds - How to Process

Ontario Sport Network & NSTF-Ontario has set-up an account through SaskSport for the sales of securities/shares. See below for details!

A Gift In Kind Donor Form (Link form here) will be needed in order to issue a tax receipt for the shares. The information can also be collected through the transfer form. The donor must also fill out a transfer form and sent it to their personal broker who will transfer the securities into Ontario Sport Networks account (SaskSport).

When the securities are received in the (Sask Sport) account they will be sold and SaskSport will send NSTF-Ontario the proceeds less the brokerage commission. SaskSport will also send NSTF-Ontario a breakdown of how to account for the transaction and how much the receipt will be.

*Please note that the receipt is written for the market value on the day the security is received in our account (SaskSport). Sometimes there is a change in value before the sale transaction is processed so proceeds are not necessarily the same as the donation amount.

​Normally it only takes a couple of business days, but depending on the donors investment broker, it may take a bit longer.

Donating Checklist

  • Deliver this form to your Investment Advisor, with instructions to initiate the transfer

  • Email a copy of this form to Bianca Bohn as per the form

  • Email or fax a copy of this form to Good Stefan Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities to Carrisa Robins as per the form or fax to 306-757-2606

  • Once transfer is finalized, a charitable donation tax receipt will be issued