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Safe Sport

Ontario Sport Network is committed to creating and promoting a safe and inclusive sport environment for all Ontarians. Safe Sport encompasses education, resources and program initiatives in the areas of concussion management, injury prevention, addressing maltreatment, mental health, accessibility, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Rowan’s Law

Ontario Sport Network will continue to make Ontario the leader in concussion management and prevention through the promotion of Rowan's Law and overall concussion awareness through partnership with leading organizations in this area and education and resources for all involved in sport.

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Ontario is currently in Step 3 of the Road to Reopening. Ontario Sport Network is working with the Province of Ontario and the sport sector to support the reopening plan for Ontario and it's sport and recreation organizations.

Featured Member

Ontario Soccer

A Member Association of Canada Soccer, Ontario Soccer provides leadership and support programs and services to the membership in Ontario. This includes support to District Associations, Associate Members (Provincial, Regional Leagues, School Sports, Professional Clubs) as well as Clubs, Private Academies, Coaches and Match Officials. Ontario Soccer is the recognized Provincial Sport Organization for soccer with the province of Ontario’s Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries.

Ontario Soccers mission is to lead and support the growth of soccer through innovative and sustainable programs and services.

Featured NSTF Project

Everyone Can Row

Everyone Can Row is a project driven by the Ottawa Rowing Club. The goal is to get as many people, from all ages and abilities, rowing and rowing successfully at whatever level they aspire to reach. In order to do this, Ottawa Rowing Club needs an infrastructure of people, facilities and equipment. Their goal is to raise funds to purchase the tools they need and add the human resources necessary to meet their goals. Your financial contribution will help them increase the number of people they can serve and help broaden the diversity of people rowing at the ORC and the club's capacity to serve its local community.

The proceeds from this campaign will be used to ensure Canada's longest continually operating rowing club can continue to provide masters, competitive, recreational, youth and learn-to-row programs for the National Capital Region.