Nike Community Impact Fund

Nike is working with OSN to award $5,000 - $15,000 to eligible organizations in Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas.
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Emergency Relief Community Sport and Recreation Grant

Grants have now been distributed!
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National Sport Trust Fund

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Safe Sport

Ontario Sport Network is committed to creating and promoting a safe and inclusive sport environment for all Ontarians. Safe Sport encompasses education, resources and program initiatives in the areas of concussion management, injury prevention, addressing maltreatment, mental health, accessibility, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Rowan’s Law

Ontario Sport Network will continue to make Ontario the leader in concussion management and prevention through the promotion of Rowan's Law and overall concussion awareness through partnership with leading organizations in this area and education and resources for all involved in sport.

Return to Sport

Ontario is currently in Step 3 of the Road to Reopening. Ontario Sport Network is working with the Province of Ontario and the sport sector to support the reopening plan for Ontario and it's sport and recreation organizations.

Featured Member

Ontario Curling Council

The sport of curling in Ontario is delivered by 3 organizations: Ontario Curling Council (OCC); Northern Ontario Curling Association (NOCA); and Ontario Curling Association (OCA). While each organization is a separate, not-for-profit corporation, they are interconnected and work together to govern the sport in Ontario.

The OCC, NOCA, and OCA work closely to deliver programs and services, developing and growing curling as a recreational and competitive sport in Ontario. Together, all 3 organizations service approximately 240 clubs, 55,000 recreational and competitive curlers.

Featured NSTF Project

Lee Hanebury Junior Squash Fund

The Lee Hanebury Junior Squash Fund is used to raise money to promote, develop and support junior squash in Ontario. It has many uses including high performance, regional development, school programming, coaching and leadership, girls programming and player and resource development.