Our Brand

Strategic Direction

The value of community sport is more important now than ever before. Ontario Sport Network is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of sport and physical activity in Ontario. We aim to build community confidence and inspire more Ontarians of all ages and backgrounds to get active, while integrating mental health awareness, accessibility, and safe sport messaging. Through partnerships and stakeholder engagement OSN provides the collaborative environment, knowledge and resources to build capacity and drive leadership excellence in the Ontario sport community through education, advocacy, interaction, research and innovation.

Ontario Sport Network understands the complexities of the non-profit sport sector and further assists government in understanding the concerns of the sport sector with respect to policy, programming, capacity and funding. With a collective voice of the sport sector OSN acts as an agent for change while setting the tone for accountability within and to the non-profit sport sector.

Strategic Plan 2021

With the organization's Vision, Mission and Values at the core of all programs and partnerships, Ontario Sport Network's Strategic Plan for 2021 entails 4 Strategic Goals; Sector Support, Governance, Sustainability, Promotion / Awareness.