Sport can seem intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be.

Ignore your preconceptions and find a sport that works for you. We can all participate, and every participant has to start somewhere. You're not alone, and don't have to be when involved in sport. This is your team. This is your starting line. Sport is yours, so start exploring. There’s more to sport than you think.

Ontario, this is your sport.

The State of Sport In Ontario

OSN partnered with IMI International to undertake research that would help us understand the state of sport and physical activity in our province.

Benefits In The Classroom

Over a half of parents in Ontario agree that children who play sport through their teenage years perform better in school.

Great Tool to Wind Down

Health and wellbeing is the main driver of participation in physical activity for Ontarians. 63% of individuals who partake agree that physical activity allows them to de-stress and improves their mental health.

We Could Be More Active

Many Ontarians are well aware of the health and social benefits of being in sport. Over one third of Ontarians know the value of sport, but agree they should be participating more

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Discover ways to get involved!

Ontario Sport Network has a vision of an active and inclusive Ontario, unified through sport. If you'd like to get involved with the campaign and support this initiative, please email Bianca Bohn at for a campaign toolkit.