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Rugby Ontario Sustainability Fund

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Rugby Ontario's mission is to lead the sport of rugby in Ontario into a new era of growth through increased participation, community involvement, sound administration and successful player development. Our vision is to establish a stronger identity for rugby in Ontario by promoting the sport's core values and by fostering a culture of inclusiveness and excellence on and off the field of play. The Rugby Ontario Sustainability  Fund will contribute to several programs focused on ensuring the sustainability and ongoing viability of community rugby initiatives and resources, high performance athlete and coach development programs and age-appropriate competition structures for the future of rugby in Ontario.

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The Rugby Ontario Sustainability Fund will support the operational costs of Rugby Ontario in delivering its mission. The fund will directly support the expenses of various initiatives and infrastructure needs associated with increasing participation, particularly among children and youth, in rugby programs across Ontario.

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The Rugby Ontario Sustainability Fund supports the development of players along the entire pathway of the Long Term Athlete Development Model. Engaging players at the young ages of six to twelve years old at the annual Minor Festival and various other club-based and community initiatives, we promote fun, safety and inclusivity in the sport of rugby. Advancing from minor rugby, youth players aged thirteen to eighteen compete in junior club leagues providing athletes with an introduction to a competitive environment and further skill development. The Provincial High Performance Program is the launch pad to the National Programs and is an important part of the high performance pathway for aspiring athletes and coaches. The pathway creates opportunities to identify athletes for the next generation of National Team Players. Both The sustainability of grassroots rugby at all levels and the high performance programs plays an important role in increasing participation and engaging the communities which drives rugby on a national level.​

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Nicole Kovacs
Chief Operating Officer


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