240 - Highland Community Curling Club

Operational & Capital Development Fund

Project Description

To support the transition of HCC from a private model to a community based, member-run organization. It is important that HCCC establish financial stability in it's first year and grow the club in the following 2 years.

The proceeds from this fundraising will be
used for the following cause(s):

​HCCC is a not-for-profit, financially independent, member-run organization serving the London area. We provide curling programs for all ages, abilities, and skill levels in a welcoming, inclusive, environment.  HCCC members respect and enjoy the traditions of the game of curling, the friendship it fosters, and the sportsmanship it cultivates.

Fundraising will be used to support the mission of the club in the following ways:

In year 1 HCCC will target donor funds to meet operating expenses and capital expenditures. As well HCCC will have initial start-up expenses and increased costs as we implement our Covid protocols and safety procedures to meet government requirements.

In years 2 & 3, HCCC will focus on establishing a capital reserve fund through activities that retain, grow, and develop our donor base within the club and local community.
HCC will hire a curling manager who will lead these initiatives by developing and implementing marketing programs to attract new members, particularly intermediate aged curlers.
HCCC must establish a capital reserve to ensure that HCCC  meet the capital maintenance and replacement of HCCC aged refrigeration equipment(evaporative condenser; ammonia chiller and dehumidifier; pipes and sand floor and ice scrapper).

How this project will assist in promoting
or developing amateur sport on a national

HCCC is a newly incorporated non for profit curling club but our roots have come from the Highland Country Club which started curling in 1959. Our membership is well established across all ages and has represented Highland for over 60 years at local, provincial, and national levels.  HCCC will continue our tradition of the sport through instruction, training, and development of amateur and competitive teams of all ages and gender.

HCCC has curling leagues for junior players, senior men & women, and competitive leagues for mixed teams, men, and women. The varsity teams for Western University and Fanshawe College play out of our club and are supported by our club membership.  Our Little Rocks program is well established and very popular as is the Learn to Curl program for adults. We also have a league for visually impaired curlers and the club is accessible for wheelchair curlers.

This project is essential for establishing HCCC and building the base to sustain operation and continued improvements.  The HCCC community is strongly committed to the long-term financial health and viability of the club through their volunteerism and personal contributions

Fund Admin

David Blackwell


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