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Hanlan has an aging fleet or rowing equipment which is in serious need of renewal and expansion. This is in part because of the recent new boathouse build, which has occupied much of the clubs resources.

Coastal rowing is more established in Europe but still relatively new in Canada. Hanlan has embraced this type of rowing but to date has not invested heavily in coastal equipment. The club currently has a small number of coastal rowing boats which are used by both community rowing members of all ages and fitness levels and also by some who compete in coastal competitions. There is an excellent opportunity for membership expansion in this area with the purchase of additional equipment. The club also needs more singles of all types, both in the short term because of covid related rowing restrictions and in the long term for the community rowing program, the youth camp and learn to row programs. Last but not least the club's competitive athletes race at a disadvantage because of the age of the club boats they use. In short all programs at the club are in need of more and better boats.

This Winter, driven by covid restrictions, Hanlan created an entirely new online training program which includes a variety of rowing focused versions of Yoga, Pilates and weight training but has at its heart regular workouts on Concept 2 rowing machines. To facilitate the widest possible participation in the program the club rented out its rowing machines to members to use over the winter. Demand exceeded the available supply and there is a waiting list. The program has been very successful and there are plans to run it again through the Winter of 2021-2022. As the boathouse is unheated it is only possible to run this program virtually. The club would like to acquire additional rowing machines to be used for in season training at the club by all members and also to expand the rental program and facilitate more club-wide winter program participation.  

Finally, with the expansion of the club's rowing programs the club expects it will need to purchase additional coach boats and/or motors to allow good coaching in all programs and maintain safety standards.

The proceeds from this fundraising will be
used for the following cause(s):

Procurement of new rowing shells, oars, rowing machines and coach boats or motors.

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The Hanlan Boat Club was founded in 1975 and located in Toronto's Outer Harbour. The club runs a wide variety of rowing programs at the competitive (Senior and Junior), Masters and community levels. Hanlan has throughout its history been a strong competitor at local, national and international regattas. The club has an active Learn to Row program for all ages throughout the season, offering both group and individual lessons. Hanlan also runs a summer rowing camp which is open to all youth, including many from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who are able to attend free of charge. The club is located in the centre of Canada's largest city, making it ideal for introducing rowing to a large and diverse community and giving members and program participants convenient access to the lake. The water conditions around the club are variable and can be challenging, making it a good location for both flat water rowing and open water rowing. Hanlan offers affordable and accessible participation and competition in the sport of rowing to people in and around Toronto of all ages. The club has recently completed the construction of a new boathouse to facilitate the expansion of the club and its membership as well as provide more and better indoor storage for boats. As such Hanlan is in an excellent position to increase awareness and participation in the sport of rowing among a very diverse population, at both conventional competitive and recreational levels but also within the newer disciplines of coastal and open water rowing. This will benefit the sport as a whole.

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