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The Crusaders Annual Fund

Project Description

The Crusaders Annual Fund will support the annual operation and ongoing development and growth of the Crusaders Rugby Club. It will assist the club to implement, acquire and retain the best available resources including facilities, coaching and management.

The proceeds from this fundraising will be
used for the following cause(s):

- Facilities and clubhouse upgrades
- Equipment
- Coach development
- Training facilities, including domes in Winter and turf fields in Spring
- Player Development
- Video equipment, operation and analysis

How this project will assist in promoting
or developing amateur sport on a national

The Crusaders Rugby Club provides our surrounding communities and their residents with a high-quality amateur rugby experience. Our goal is to provide excellent rugby programming for children, youth and adults of both genders. Crusaders Rugby Club has a long history of developing players of both genders to represent Canada at a national level.

Fund Admin

Chris Tudor-Price


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