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Founded by tennis aficionados introduced to the game at Rideau Hall in the 1870s, the Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club (OTLBC) provides recreational opportunities to all, regardless of age, gender, social status or athletic ability. The not-for-profit community club hosts over 5000 people annually from ages 8 months to age 80 who use the 18 clay tennis courts, a 23x11-metre outdoor pool, the 12 beach-volleyball courts and the two-storey, historic clubhouse complete with locker rooms, upstairs hall, restaurant, and a large balcony overlooking the grounds.
The OTLBC and its clubhouse is a preferred venue for national amateur tennis events because of its supporting infrastructure – 18 clay courts, clubhouse, amenities and cafe. The Clubhouse Restoration Project includes extensive improvements to the building's structure, insulation, wiring and plumbing; restoration of original building elements; and upgrades to the cafe´, member-services areas and change rooms. Total project cost will be $2.6 Million. The fundraising goal for Phase I is $1Million. This investment will complete improvements to the foundation, locker rooms, pro space, lobby and tennis camp spaces.
At almost 100 years of age, the clubhouse is nearing the end of its life cycle. Extensive improvements must be completed before it is too late. The restoration project sets the stage for future generations of Canadian amateur tennis players to experience the moments, and connections that define the club and the tennis community in Canada.​

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The $1 Million dollars raised from this fundraising will go towards Phase I of the Clubhouse Restoration Project: improvements to the foundation, locker rooms, pro space, lobby and tennis camp spaces. During the restoration, the building will be winterized to support future strategic initiatives including a tennis bubble to increase access to winter court time for developing athletes. The clubhouse restoration project is the first part of that larger vision for a four season space to continue to grow Canadian tennis talent at the local, provincial and national level.

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The OTLBC is one of the largest and oldest tennis clubs in Ottawa, and -- with its 18 clay courts and its heritage clubhouse – it is a preferred national tennis tournament venue at both the junior and senior levels.  An affiliation with Sport4Ontario will encourage fund-raising which will help us to build and maintain the kind of facilities that will attract and serve major national tennis competitions. The club has already hosted several high-level competitions and has more than proven its ability to deliver such events, both on the courts and in terms of hospitality and administration. For example, the clubhouse was home for over 500 ranked junior tennis players during the Roman Cup, part of the 4 Star Junior Open Series in August 2018. In summer 2016, the club hosted the Steve Stevens Senior Nationals, an amateur tennis tournament with participants from all over Canada. The OTLBC was awarded the Ontario Tennis Association "Outstanding Club Achievement Award" for this event. The club also hosts the city-wide tennis championships as well as the High School Tennis championships that send junior amateur players to the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA). By leveraging the charitable status option with our dedicated members and community stakeholders we will access the financial investment necessary to maintain our courts at optimum level, increase the number of evening courts with new lighting, which will improve our national profile and attractiveness as a venue. The expectations for national competitions infrastructure are high. The OTLBC has a facility that is truly historic in the Canadian context. However, the advantages of a truly wonderful and unique building are offset by the disadvantages of age. To preserve the club's ability to serve the competitive community in Canada, made up of players, spectators and provincial and national officials, we must invest in upgrading, maintaining and restoring this beautiful but dated structure which includes a restaurant, washrooms, locker rooms and other designated spaces.

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