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RA Curling Club Capital Fundraising

Project Description

Upgrade and replacement of RA Curling Club equipment and facilities.
The Project priority focuses on the replacement of curling rocks (96), at an estimated cost of $75,000.00. Existing rocks further to recent examination by both national and international curling rock manufacturers were deemed to be approaching the end of their effective lifespan. Curling rocks of high quality are central to maintaining the profile of the RA Curling Club as an attractive choice for all levels of curling activity.

The proceeds from this fundraising will be
used for the following cause(s):

Although the primary focus of the project plan is the replacement of curling rocks, the Club would direct any additional revenues to support enhancing the curling experience, including:

  1. New scoreboards,
  2. Wheelchair curling aids such as ramps and safety/security equipment,
  3. Upgraded overhead closed circuit on ice and lounge area television monitors,
  4. Improved technical and support facilities for use by RA Club members as well as visiting teams and members of the local, national and international curling community.

How this project will assist in promoting
or developing amateur sport on a national

The RA Curling Club is a member of the Ontario Curling Council with some 475 regular active members plus a variety of business and competitive leagues. The Club provides an active adult "Learn to Curl" program which develops and integrates new curlers into regular curling, has an active wheelchair curling program, a youth program and serves as a host site for interclub, city wide, regional and inter- provincial amateur competitions. The RA curling Club is also the frequent site for national and international wheelchair curling competitions and is at times used as a training facility by provincial team curlers.

Fund Admin

Melody Rochon
Coordinator Recreation Club Services ​


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