Emergency Relief Community Sport and Recreation Grant

Get Relief Funding For Your Sports Organization


Has the pandemic affected sport and recreation activity in your community? Read further to learn more about this exciting grant opportunity for your organization to move forward and stabilize your programming and financial situation.

The Ontario Sport Network has been appointed by the province to deliver a one-time application-based relief fund targeting community level sport and recreation organizations, clubs, teams, leagues, and associations that have sustained losses due to COVID-19.

Grants will be issued to organizations that demonstrate the greatest financial need and a strategy to use the grant to sustain their programming.

While we understand that many organizations have been under financial pressure due to COVID-19, we expect to receive a large number of submissions and therefore the application process may be very competitive.

Check out our FAQs for more on how to apply and our eligibility criteria.


Thank you for your interest in the Emergency Relief Community Sport and Recreation Grant. Organizations that submitted applications will be notified by June 14th, 2022 whether or not they have been successful in receiving funding. Further details to follow.

Eligible Organizations

All sport and recreation clubs and organizations that are not affiliated (Members) with a Ministry-recognized PSO/MSO;

All sport and recreation leagues and teams that are affiliated (Members) with a Ministry-recognized PSO/MSO but can demonstrate substantial losses in gate receipts and sponsorship due to the pandemic

Member clubs of PSO/MSOs that are recognized but not funded through the Ontario Amateur Sport Fund (i.e., Ontario Grappling Association &Ontario Racquetball);

Ineligible Organizations

Professional Sport Leagues and Teams (i.e., NHL, NBA, MLB); and PSO/MSOs that receive Ontario Amateur Sport Funding and their Member clubs.
*Note: Professional Sport Definition: sport teams, leagues and events in which contestants are financially compensated, and where the average financial compensation provided to contestants is more than half of the median after-tax income in Ontario.

Review and assessment

Ontario Sport Network’s Review Panel will review your application to make sure you are eligible, that your application is complete, and is a fit with the grant requirements. We will evaluate your application against the grant assessment criteria.

OSN Grant Selection Criteria

All applicants must meet eligibility requirements outlined in the Emergency Relief Fund application:

Applicants must be able to demonstrate immediate financial need due to challenges incurred during the pandemic

Applicants must be able to complete the application in full

Applicants must be able to clearly demonstrate their plan to use the available relief funding to assist in their organization’s sustainability


TUES. APRIL 5TH @ 12:00






How long does it take to compete the online Grant application (from start to finish)? New

The OSN Emergency Relief Community Sport and Recreation Grant’s online application has been designed to be succinct, user-friendly, and efficient. After setting up a user profile, it should take approximately just under an hour for someone to complete all the required four steps and submit an application for an organization. Please note that you can save your information and come back to your application at any time. There is a requirement to upload financial records or documentation demonstrating expenses incurred due to the pandemic, so please have those records at hand when you are completing the application. Please read through the list of Frequently Asked Questions below as well as feel free to watch some of the recorded webinars as there is useful information captured to assist you with your application. If you have any questions at all please contact grants@ontariosportnetwork.ca for support.

My sport club is currently a member of my Provincial Sport Organization. Can I apply for this relief grant opportunity?

NO (with three exceptions listed below) – The PSO’s have a separate granting stream dedicated to Member clubs and the OSN’s granting stream is dedicated to those clubs and organizations that reside outside the traditional PSO/MSO stream. See: https://www.ontario.ca/page/provincial-sport-organizations-and-multi-sport-organizations & https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001721/ontario-investing-in-sport-organizations-and-community-recreation

EXCEPTION – Member clubs of PSO/MSOs that are recognized but not funded through the Ontario Amateur Sport Fund (this applies to the Ontario Grappling Association & Ontario Racquetball only)

My organization runs a large league yet we are member of our PSO. We have experienced large losses (gate revenue and sponsorship) due to the pandemic. Can we apply for this grant or only the one offered by our PSO?

YES – This exception is due to the large financial losses incurred by certain teams and leagues with reductions in gate receipts and sponsorship. If this is the case with your specific league or team you can apply for the OSN Emergency Relief Grant. However, your organization can only apply and receive support for one of these grants (not both)

My recreational sport club does not have a Provincial Sport Organization at all. Can I still apply for this OSN grant?

YES – This specific Emergency Relief Fund is targeted towards sport and recreation organizations that are outside the traditional domain of the Ministry-recognized PSO/MSO system (and their Member Clubs). Monetary grants will be issued to eligible organizations that demonstrate the greatest financial need for recovery support and possess a plan and strategy to optimize the grant to sustain programming.

Can I apply for relief funding to support new capital expenditures (ie infrastructure, facility upgrades, new facilities etc)?

NO – The OSN ERF is focused on providing relief for organizations that have lost revenue or incurred costs in the last few years because of the pandemic. It is not to be used for new builds or new infrastructure.

Can I apply for funding to host a large upcoming event?

NO – The OSN ERF is not to be used to provide funding for event hosting. There are separate grants available from a variety of sources that are focused on event hosting. (Example: https://www.ontario.ca/page/ontario-sport-hosting-program)

What CAN the funding be used for?

ANSWER –The funding can be used at the organizations discretion to remedy programming and operational costs due to the challenges of the pandemic. The funding can be used for new programming that was planned before the pandemic but it is not intended for programs that are brand new and not planned prior to the pandemic.

Where does the funding come from?

ANSWER – The funding is from the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. This investment will be instrumental in the province’s reopening plan by driving forward increased community sport activity, increasing health and wellness for our citizens, and reinvigorating our vital club sport and recreation ecosystem.

How will I receive my grant payment?

ANSWER – The grant application window closes on May 13th at 11:59 PM. All applications will be reviewed against the grant’s eligibility criteria (located on the OSN webpage). Our best efforts will be made to notify applicants by June 14th, with all successful applicants receiving their funding by June 24th, 2022.

Why was my grant unsuccessful?

ANSWERS – The ERF is designed to assist sport and recreation organizations in immediate need of financial assistance. Successful applicants must demonstrate financial need in their application and a plan and strategy to optimize the grant to sustain programming. While we understand that many organizations have been under financial pressure due to COVID-19 we expect to receive a large number of applications.

Other reasons that your grant was unsuccessful could include:

  • Your organization may not have been eligible to apply, your application was not complete, or your application was submitted past the deadline
  • Your application did not provide enough information for the review panel to make an informed decision
*If your grant was unsuccessful due to other reasons, OSN staff are happy to provide you with extra feedback.

Why do I have to demonstrate financial need and provide financial records?

ANSWER – This funding is intended as emergency relief funding. Financial documentation is required in order to validate the financial situations of the applicants.

How are the eligible applications reviewed?

ANSWER – Eligible applications are evaluated by review panel consisting of 4-6 specialists in the community sport and recreation field. This panel will review the applications against the supplied information and the grant eligibility criteria.

Can I mail in my grant or does it all need to be entered electronically?

NO – All applications must be completed electronically. If there are challenges to completing your application this way please contact OSN staff at grants@ontariosportnetwork.ca

How do I apply for a grant? How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

ANSWER – There is an application link on this page. We have designed this application to be streamlined and easy to follow. Full eligibility requirements are listed on this page as well as at the front end of the application. OSN will be hosting a series of webinars during the first week in April (April 5 and 7th) and these will be recorded and put up on our website. This FAQ page will also be updated throughout the month of April. If you have any questions at all on this grant please email grants@ontariosportnetwork.ca

Who from my club, organization, team, or league should apply?

ANSWER – The person with the greatest knowledge of your club or organization should apply for this grant. Please ensure that this individual has access to the last few years of financial records or can demonstrate expenses or increased costs due to the pandemic.

Can I Do multiple applications for different clubs, organizations, teams, or leagues?

ANSWER – The application is set up so that when one individual sets up a profile they can indicate if they are doing multiple applications for different clubs, leagues, or organizations. However, there should only by ONE application per organization (multiple applications will NOT be accepted).

What are the grant deadlines?

ANSWER – The grant application window is from April 4th to May 13th (11:59PM)

If my organization is unsuccessful in receiving the OSN ERF are there other grant opportunities that may be available to me?

ANSWER - There are many other sport and recreation grants available in Ontario. Possible options available to you include:

*Please email grants@ontariosportnetwork.ca if you have any additional questions

Thank you for your interest!