Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is a newer addition to the sporting world, and is unique in the sense that even in sanctioned leagues players call their own fouls and play without a referee. Players may move around the field but can only advance the disc by throwing it within a 10-second count. The object of the game is to reach the opposing team’s end zone without an interception, incomplete pass or out-of-bounds throw, all of which result in turnovers. This sport is played worldwide at all levels and age groups, typically as co-ed games. That includes recreational settings, school, club and professional leagues.


Family Friendly: Kids and adults can play together, as it is a no-contact sport.

Equipment Needed: Frisbee, turf cleats.

High Intensity: A typical game requires running, diving and catching at high speed.

Team: Mixed ultimate is 7 players, a four-three split of men-women or vice versa.

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