If you like social sports, tennis may be a great choice for you. Known for testing agility, hand eye coordination and technique, tennis is an affordable and fun way to improve your cardiovascular health and physical strength. Tennis is great for anyone who wants a full-body workout and will help improve your endurance. Play at a tennis club, fitness club or the local park – as a pair or with two players a side.


Affordable Options: Most neighbourhoods have local tennis courts in parks, which are free to use. The sport also requires minimal equipment that can be obtained at many price points.

Casual: It doesn’t require involvement in leagues or a strong understanding of the game to get started.

Family Friendly: People of all age groups can play.

Solo: A game can consist of a single player on each opposing side.

Team: Tennis can be played with two players on each opposing side.

High Intensity: Requires sprinting, running and forceful racket use.

Equipment Needed: Minimal - tennis balls and a tennis racket.

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