It’s never too late to learn to swim independently. Even as an adult, you’re sure to find programs just for adult learners, or those fearful of open or deep water. Start with just floating and work your way into different types of strokes to give you confidence in the water, whether it be at your local pool or lake and ensure a lifeguard is on duty. Feel the weightlessness of this low-impact, but high cardio exercise that is almost always recommended for those coming back from injury.

This new-found confidence will give you access to other activities that you may have not previously considered. An important life-skill, even if it’s just treading water, you’ll find others in your class who can relate to learning this new activity. Whether it’s part of your regular training routine or a meditative escape, check out your local pool to enjoy this activity that can truly last a lifetime.


  • Solo: swimming can be done anytime and anywhere, weather and schedules permitting. Summertime at the lake or wintertime at the community centre, there is plenty of opportunity to get out and practice.
  • Low Impact or Post Injury: swimming is a great activity for anyone looking for low impact exercise or recovery. Your local pool will have assistive equipment to help ease you in if needed.
  • Family Friendly Activity: fun for everyone! Once you gain confidence in the pool, this is a great way to spend time together as a family, from swimming a few laps with a kickboard to playing games in the pool.

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