There’s a reason why soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide, including in Canada. All you need is some runners with good tread (or if possible, cleats for outdoor) and a soccer ball, and you’re ready to play. Participation ranges from pick-up games to organized leagues and can be played indoors or out, on artificial turf or grass. Your local soccer club likely has a learn-to-play program where you can learn new skills and reap the benefits of cardio without even realizing that you’ve run around a whole lot more than if you weren’t chasing a ball. This 11-a-side sport can be played with 5 or 7 players per team in more casual leagues, and iis a natural conduit to broadening your social circle and creating deeper connections in your community. If you’ve played basketball or hockey before, then you already understand some foundational strategy and positioning of soccer. Action-packed, you will never be bored while playing or watching.

Score one for a great way to get some exercise and participate in an activity year-round!


  • Team: with a large roster, this is undeniably a team sport, where you work together towards a common goal.
  • Equipment Needed: as a team, a minimum of a soccer ball would be required. As a player, ideally you would also have cleats and shinpads.
  • High Intensity: while there is down time during a game, you will most likely be jogging or running for almost the entire match and since outdoors fields are pretty big, there’s a lot of ground to cover!

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