From simply moving on a board to mastering kickflips, if you’re up for a little adventure and don’t mind falling now and then (with your protective equipment on of course), then this activity is for you! One of the newest Olympic sports, give your balance and agility a real workout, anywhere from flat cement at your local school parking lot (after hours of course) to skate bowls in your neighbourhood. Feel the speed and weightlessness as you work on your physical endurance, concentration, and coordination. Skateboarders are known as an encouraging crew and can help you master new skills you’ve learned in skateboarding classes. You’re sure to find a community in this activity that is inclusive and welcoming.


  • Solo: skateboarding is inherently solo in that you can only have one person on a skateboard at a time. However, almost no one boards alone, so while you’re working on individual skills, chances are you’re in a community of others.
  • Equipment Needed: All you need is a skateboard and a helmet, though beginners would be strongly advised to add elbow pads and knee pads to the mix.
  • Casual: this is a ‘whenever’ activity as long as you have lighting and good weather. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place with an indoor facility, all the better!

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