If you’re a fan of contact sports that require endurance, lacrosse is your game. A popular spectator sport, and Canada’s oldest game, lacrosse brings out crowds in both amateur and professional leagues. Requiring strategy, power and finesse, it is a challenging game that will help you improve agility and teamwork.

Lacrosse looks like hockey without ice and less padding - it can be played indoors or outside. Some say that lacrosse is a mix of ice hockey, field hockey and basketball. It is unquestionably a team sport where body contact is inevitable, so it will take you some time to become acquainted with the style of play. There are four versions of lacrosse played today including box lacrosse (indoor), field lacrosse (outdoor), women’s lacrosse and intercrosse (non-contact lacrosse) with various rule differences.


Team: Lacrosse is played in a team setting, usually with 10 players on the field.

High Intensity: Lacrosse is a contact sport and requires endurance.

Equipment Needed: Lacrosse stick and ball, some protective gear like helmets and padding.