Ice Skating

With air crisp and cool around you, this invigorating activity will give a sense of speed and freedom on ice that is difficult to replicate while not in skates. Using figure skates or hockey skates (your choice!), learn to move across the ice while in balance to start and add onto your skills with moves like crossovers, backwards skating and the ever-important stop. It’s never too late to learn as is evidenced by the thousands of adults and new Canadians who take lessons every year. Ice skating can be learned formally in an arena and practiced at open skates at your local community centre or even on community outdoor rinks in colder months. Use your new-found skill to move onto other sports like ringette, synchronized skating, hockey and even figure skating.


  • Family Friendly Activity: the perfect activity to get the whole family moving and having fun.
  • Affordable Options: many community rinks offer free or discounted skate rentals, as well as low cost learn to skate sessions.

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