Much like snowshoeing, if you can walk or roll, you can hike. Things do get a little more technical with hiking as opposed to walking however, so be sure to wear supportive shoes and use appropriate wheel treads for trails. Here’s your chance to truly feel a part of nature and immerse yourself in the beautiful environment of our province. Breathe in the fresh air and feel yourself relax while leaving the bustling world behind, if just for a few minutes or even a few hours. More technical routes will include increased elevation and tricky underfoot areas that may incorporate rocks and roots, so look up reviews and guides for trails beforehand to assess your capabilities.

If you’re more advanced, remember the 10 essentials to always have with you when venturing into the backcountry. Be warned, this can lead to longer ventures that can include overnighting in the wilderness!


  • Casual: head out when the weather allows for an enjoyable day on the trails. Once you are confident in your abilities to navigate familiar trails, you can hike when it works for you and your hiking buddies.
  • Low Impact or Post-Injury: hiking is a good way to build up stamina and endurance. Start small and work your way up to increases in elevation or distance when you’re ready.
  • Affordable Option: with minimal equipment required, this activity is accessible to most. Check your local sporting equipment swap to see if they might have the shoes or poles you need!

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