Feel the breeze in your face while your paddle gently strokes the still waters that surround you. Canoeing has a rich history and is a large hobbyist community. Though it requires some upper body strength, it is a tranquil and enjoyable activity for those of any age. Balance is the name of the game here, but once you get into the canoe, you’re set!

Get the whole family involved and spend a day fishing or paddling at a park or lake of your choice.


Family Friendly Activity: Load up the whole family as most canoes can seat between 2-4 people.

Casual: Doesn’t require specialized skill, experience or equipment.

Low Impact or Post Injury: Canoeing is a good way to get some easy to moderate activity in.

Equipment Needed: Canoe, personal flotation device (PFD), paddles, boat safety kit.

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