Indoors or out, this team court sport promises to keep you moving as well as improve your cardio & hand-eye coordination and create new friendships with your teammates. While the majority of communities have an outdoor hoop, practicing your skills on your own or with others is as simple as a wheel/walk in the neighbourhood.

Organized games have frequent substitutions, so everyone has the opportunity to play and take a rest. Teamwork is the name of the game here, and the more you support each other, the better the outcome. If you’ve played soccer or hockey before, then you already understand the foundational strategy and positioning of basketball. Action-packed, you will never be bored while playing or watching.


  • Equipment Needed: all you need to get started is a basketball so you can begin to practice the basics of dribbling. Most communities and schools around the Province have courts and hoops for when you’re ready to try and land a 3 pointer!
  • Team: with 5 people on the court for your team at a time, every teammate matters whether it’s A casual pick-up game or a more formal contest.
  • High Intensity: be ready to sprint up and down the court during this action-packed game where agility and hand-eye coordination are key.