Baseball is a game of prolonged excitement and tension. Unlike many other high intensity sports, but like football, baseball often has a good amount of down time with flashes of high intensity activity.

Played between two opposing teams, baseball requires the batting team to swing and hit a pitch into the field of play, covering bases while the ball is in play. The fielding team tries to get three outs by either striking out the batter, getting a fielded ball to the plate before the batter, or catching a pop fly. The goal of each batting team is to score a run by having the batter run around each of the three bases and back to home plate or hitting a home run beyond the back wall of play.


Team: Baseball is played between two teams, with 9 players on the field for the fielding team, and one batter up, and up to three on base at a time.

High Intensity: Requires very active participation, including forceful throwing and sprinting.

Equipment Needed: Baseball, bat, baseball gloves, batting helmet, catcher’s gear, baseball cleats.