At Home Workout

Dancing around to your favourite song? Check. Body-weight exercises that work on both strength & cardio? Check. Fancy a bit of stretching after a long day? Check. All these things and more can be done in the comfort of your own home, often without any equipment. Heck, even doing housework can work up a sweat, so if you’re moving and getting warm, you’re doing an activity. If you’re someone who likes to follow an instructor, there are plenty of online programs to follow in just about any genre of exercise from yoga to strength training and everything in between. Depending on what you practice, benefits can include increased mobility, flexibility, cardio, strength and agility.

Use your newfound physical confidence to try any number of other activities.


  • Casual: the beauty of at-home workouts is that they can be as casual or as structured as you like, you can make them work for your schedule and ability. So whether you’re working towards a specific goal or simply looking to be a bit more active there is definitely an at- home workout for you!
  • Family Friendly Activity: at-home workouts offer a great opportunity to get the whole family active. There are a whole host of workouts modified to suit children of all ages and abilities, and importantly help keep their attention so you can enjoy the workout too.
  • Affordable Options: there are thousands of free at-home workouts available online! Many don’t require any specific equipment, and hey did you know there are plenty of household items that can double up to help enhance a workout. A towel can be used as a yoga mat, a laundry detergent bottle is heavy enough to act as a weight and your own body weight is perfect for squats or planks.

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