American Football

Known as the most-watched sport in North America, football is highly strategic and requires a good level of athleticism. Quick passing, jumping, throwing and sprinting will help you get the most out of a game and showcase your athletic capabilities. Football is a brain game of strategic plays and quick on-field decisions. These spectacular athletic displays are what makes the game so popular to play and watch.

There are contact and non-contact kids leagues and young adult leagues for all skill levels, as well as non-contact amateur leagues. You will often find groups throwing the ball around or playing “touch” in parks.


Team: Usually played with 11 or 12 players on each team, with substitutions made between downs.

High Intensity: This can be a full contact sport where tackling, sprinting and quick decisions are a regular occurrence.

Equipment Needed: Football and cleats. For contact: football helmet and pads (shoulder, thigh, knee).

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