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SBA Mental Health Fund

Project Description

The Scarborough Basketball Association (SBA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 that provides basketball programs for children, youth and adults throughout Toronto's east end. The SBA's programs help build community throughout Scarborough, including amongst Toronto's most underserved, low-income and priority neighbourhoods. The SBA works in partnership with the Ontario Basketball Association, Bond Academy, school boards and community service providers, and is working toward reducing the financial barriers that prevent children and youth from participating in basketball.

The proceeds from this fundraising will be
used for the following cause(s):

Mental Health Supports: Proceeds from this fundraising effort will offset the cost of providing mental health supports to our participants.

How this project will assist in promoting
or developing amateur sport on a national

This project will assist in promoting and developing amateur sport on a national
level by providing youth with the mental health supports they need for success on the court. Many of our players must contend with highly stressful situations off the court for which professional support is necessary but inaccessible. By offering and normalizing counselling services, we help support the whole person. The added benefit of this is improved performance on the court as well.

Fund Admin

Lori Moncada
Fund Manager


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