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​The development of a roller ski loop and competition stadium area linked to an under-construction Biathlon .22 rifle. The Highlands Trailblazers (the Club) has been in operation for over 25 years and has provided ski training to both the very young and a competitive training environment for both Nordic athletes and Biathletes managed by professional coaches. Many of The Club's athletes participate in both programmes.

The proceeds from this fundraising will be
used for the following cause(s):

Changes to the landscape required to incorporate a competition stadium and a roller ski loop into the natural terrain. This will also include access (both summer and winter) to a Biathlon.22 range, The initial area that will be paved will allow inexperienced roller skiers to learn agility on roller skis without worrying about vehicular traffic. The second phase of the paving will result in approximately 0.8 kilometres of roller ski trails with changes in terrain.

How this project will assist in promoting
or developing amateur sport on a national

As a member club of Nordiq (Cross Country) Canada, Cross Country Ontario (XCSO), Biathlon Canada and Biathlon Ontario, the Club will be able to provide a greatly improved training environment. Until now, the Club, which operates out of Highlands Nordic Inc. (a for-profit corporation) has had to find locations on the resort property that did not compromise the commercial operations. This would change from time to time, depending on the users of the resort. The Club has secured a lease with the landowner that gives the Club control over a section of the resort that includes the proposed project allowing the Club to create the infrastructure to facilitate programming. Control over the land also allows the Club to organize regional Nordic and Biathlon competitions, providing racing opportunities to more than just our Club's athletes.
A high proportion of off-season training utilizes roller skiing, which occurs on public roads. Unfortunately, Roller ski Training on Public Roads is becoming increasingly dangerous and is an especially risky activity for younger, less experienced athletes. By completing a 0.8-kilometre roller ski loop, most of the training can be moved off of public roads – greatly increasing athlete safety.
Currently, our biathletes are travelling long distances (often out of province) to train properly.  Having a local rifle range attached to a roller ski loop and ski trails will eliminate most of the travelling. A local range will reduce the high annual cost of travel and accommodations, which makes the programme more accessible. Because the cost of the sport is currently prohibitive, the Club also anticipates attracting more athletes, which will result in more youth being physically active.
The Club has developed many high-performance athletes who have gone on to National Training Centres, and one athlete is a two-time Olympian. Providing improved training and competitive facilities will allow athletes to meet their potential, which will increase the number of athletes who move onto the National and International stage.​

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Richard Lemoine
Club President


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