173 - Manotick Curling Centre

MCC Sustainability Project

Project Description

Keeping the Manotick Curling Center fiscally viable while coping with the financial impact of the pandemic.​

The proceeds from this fundraising will be
used for the following cause(s):

Funds will be used to counter the projected $41K deficit expected as a result of a pandemic- induced, short- term membership drop for the 2020/2021 season, and/or to assist in paying off the $30K loan portion of the government of Canada CEBA.

How this project will assist in promoting
or developing amateur sport on a national

Manotick Curling Center is a small, but vibrant center with a fully subscribed Little Rocks program (129 youth) that is an excellent feeder for the Youth and Junior teams that have seen success at the Provincial and National events as well as one person sent to the Special Olympics.  Should the MCC have to close its doors the community would lose an excellent developmental venue.

Fund Admin

Andrew Farrell


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