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Safe Sport

Ontario Sport Network is committed to creating and promoting a safe and inclusive sport environment for all Ontarians. Safe Sport encompasses education, resources and program initiatives in the areas of concussion management, injury prevention, addressing maltreatment, mental health, accessibility, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Rowan’s Law

Ontario Sport Network will continue to make Ontario the leader in concussion management and prevention through the promotion of Rowan's Law and overall concussion awareness through partnership with leading organizations in this area and education and resources for all involved in sport.

Return to Sport

Ontario is currently in Step 3 of the Road to Reopening. Ontario Sport Network is working with the Province of Ontario and the sport sector to support the reopening plan for Ontario and it's sport and recreation organizations.

Featured Member

Canoe Kayak Ontario

Canoe Kayak Ontario (CKO) is the collective voice for canoeing and kayaking in Ontario which promotes the interests and supports the activities of its three disciplines, Sprint, Marathon and Whitewater. CKO's mission is to promote, represent and develop distance paddling as a racing sport in Ontario.

Featured NSTF Project


The Kingston Tennis Club, founded in 1924, has been the social centre of Kingston's tennis community for almost 100 years. The club provides recreational and instructional tennis opportunities in a casual residential setting to anyone in the Kingston community, from the very young to those well past retirement age. The not-for-profit community club welcomes members and guests for regular games, competitive match play, monthly club tournaments, and regional school tournaments. The club has seven courts, five of which were upgraded in 2020 and outfitted with LEDs for night play; there is a spacious lawn for casual socializing, and the small, historic two-storey clubhouse with adjoining decks allows further socializing while enjoying views of the courts.

The full amount of the $150,000 raised through our fund-raising effort over the coming year will be directed towards the Clubhouse and Courts Restoration project. Elements of this $954,000 project are the following:

  • improvements to change rooms, washrooms (including accessible one), large upstairs gathering room
  • rebuilding and expansion of upper and lower decks
  • resurfacing and repainting of two adjacent courts, and rebuilding of hitting wall.
  • extensive improvements to the building's structure, insulation, wiring and plumbing, windows and doors.
  • as part of the renovation, the building will be insulated to render it more comfortable and welcoming during the tennis season and to enable KTC to extend the tennis season with a later closing of the club and earlier opening in the spring. The building will be better protected during the winter off-season (December – March typically).